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Once you complete the 3 steps listed above, Email with your full name, your social media name, and 1 personal question in regards to your career, finances, or love life. Title Email subject as ” *Your Name* – Free Energy Reading”.

(Read description below for Three Card Energy Reading details)

  1. Spiritual Pen-Pal $10 (includes 2 email responses)

Don’t have many “spiritual” friends you can relate too? When you start a spiritual journey of self discovery it’s hard to come across people who just get it. Sometimes you need to bounce off concepts and ideas that you’ve recently discovered, just to make sure you’re not crazy.

Or maybe you just need a fresh new perspective on a current situation. Whatever your situation may be, I will provide unbiased direction and support, helping you to see the divine aspect of your situation. This service is meant to bring clarity to your heart by understanding you’re not alone.

2. Three Card Energy Reading – Email ( FREE! *promotion ENDS SOON)

*See details above for free reading* This three card oracle energy reading will be delivered through email. Ask me 1 question and I will pull 3 cards. I’ll then use my intuitive gifts to channel a detailed message from the cards, giving you advice and guidance on how to solve your current situation. Each card will come with a lengthy, detailed description on how this pertains to your current situation. I’ll offer modalities of healing as well. It’s free, try it out!

3. Need Spiritual Content for Blogs? (Varies)

Sometimes all we need is a different perspective. Are you looking for fresh content on a spiritual topic? Need a featured blog/article for your spiritual business? Contact me today if you’re in search of content in regards to “spiritual” topics.