NEW MOON in ARIES – Love Report, April 2018


(WATCH VIDEO ABOVE FOR AUDIO) Before we dive into this months New Moon Love Report, let’s brush up on our “moon education”. It’s always a good idea to refresh your memory on some basic universal knowledge.

What is a New Moon?

If this article has come across your path then most likely you have already started your spiritual journey into self awareness. But just incase you’ve never familiarized yourself with the moon cycles, now is the perfect time to jump on the spiritual bandwagon!

New moons are a powerful time to RECEIVE, while Full Moons are a time of RELEASE. Why does it work this way? A New Moon starts as “nothing” in the sky and grows into it’s fullness into a bright light. So with every New Moon it’s important to set your intentions on the type of experiences you wish to attract into your life.

How do Zodiac Signs affect The Moon – Astrology 101

Usually in the initial phases of a spiritual awakening, people are intrigued by their horoscope. Each horoscope sign, also known as a zodiac sign, carries specific traits and characteristics that can describe a persons personality. When one says “the moon is in…(fill in any zodiac sign here)”, this means the moon takes on typical characteristics of that particular zodiac sign. While I am not an astrologer, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research on the basics of how the Universe can quite literally help us in a spiritual awakening. Astrology is not meant to be confusing or scary. It’s just one way to offer guidance along the journey of self discovery.


Did you know your zodiac sign is actually a constellation in the sky? Take a look at the image above. Let’s go back to science class. The Moon orbits Earth –> Earth Orbits the Sun. While the moon’s orbital path is elliptical in shape, this elliptical path also rotates.


As the moon moves along its path, it intersects at these constellations in the sky, taking on those characteristics of the constellation (zodiac). Sound a bit crazy? It’s science! This is how astrologers are able to piece together a horoscope and make predictions in our everyday lives. They understand how the earth, sun, moon, constellations, and other planets all naturally work together to create specific energetic scenarios. It’s similar to how a weather man can predict the weather.

Sound too far out? When coming across an energy reading, always keep an open mind. Take was resonates and leave the rest behind. The practice of keeping an open mind allows you to explore the mystery of the world. And just because you come across a reading doesn’t mean you have to agree! There’s an entire universe out there to still be explored and discovered – so much we have yet to understand. Keep your mind open to the possibility of magic and you never know, you just might experience a miracle or two 😉

Aries Characteristics


Aries is categorized under the element of fire and is represented by the Ram.This sign takes on characteristics such as strength, leadership, power, fearlessness, independence, loyalty, and honesty. These are perfect qualities to manifest a divine love connection!

Aries are typically seen as impatient. This is a misunderstood quality, as they have a burning desire to ACHIEVE their goals. They are all about ACTION, making it hard for them to sit still. They aren’t much of day dreamers, and are more of the “doing” type. Often times the desire to get what they want overrides any set backs. They always find a way to get exactly what they want, and never dwell on what seems to be a loss. This is a zodiac sign that likes to been seen and heard.

You can use all these Aries qualities as a great motivator for you to start manifesting the love of your life into your experience!

– New Moon Love Report-

April 2018

For me, New Moons are both a simultaneous beginning and an ending. Let’s dive into this energy report and take a look at how we can use both ends of the scale to invite true love into our lives.

What are we ENDING?

  • Intense Doubt – Lack of Trust in the Universe
  • Karmic Cycles – Stopping unhealthy behavioral patterns
  • Being in Denial – Feeling undeserving or delusional about attracting deep soul love
  • Frustration & Exhaustion – One foot on the break, while the other is on the gas

We’ve just come out of a time where we faced some heavy, deep seeded emotion. As much as we tried to avoid these emotions, many of our fears unapologetically rose to the surface in order to be brought to our attention. The energy before this New Moon could of left you in a state of intense desperation, longing to share your experience with a romantic life partner. Yet no matter how many meditaions, affirmations, or law of attraction techniques were used, seeing love manifest into your reality still hasn’t yet happened. The diligent practicing of these spiritual techniques left you depleted, giving you a reason to loose faith in your desires. We all know we have some healing left to do, but what gives! How perfect do I have to be to find myself in an unconditionally loving romantic relationship?

If your thoughts have been like this, just know you’re not alone. Just when we all want to give up on love and curse the entire universe, we are welcomed with a great wave of faith. Don’t forget – the only reason we experience these doubtful thoughts is so that we can release them from our body. And if they keep coming up over and over again, there’s still more to be released.

All of these doubtful thoughts about your love journey come straight from your mind, or in other words The Ego. The ego will always find a way to turn your hearts desires into silly imaginations. We are now stepping into a reality where we are choosing to silence the false (and very distracting) chatter created by the logical (ego) mind.

Enough is finally enough! Because clearly all the subconscious doubts are keeping you from manifesting the true love you deserve. The only voice that can silence the ego is the voice from your most authentic self. This is also the voice of your Higher Self. This voice is pure, honest, and powerful. If you havent been intouch with this aspect of yourself, its because this voice hides behind all the fears and obstacles we place on ourselves. Releasing your fears reveals this magical existence that’s always been inside of you.

What are we STARTING?

  • Action – It’s time to Manifest our Hearts Desires (Silence the ego)
  • Trusting we have the power to Break through Barriers
  • Bravery – Truly Living a Life of Authenticity
  • Standing firmly in your identity
  • Making all Doubts and fears an invisible factor in your reality
  • Manifest from KNOWING, not desperation

This New Moon in aries is all about ACTION! Count your lucky stars when you’re in the energy of forward motion. This type of energy allows miracles and manifestations to enter into your everyday life. It’s the perfect time to draw in your soulmate/true love/twin flame! Now is a time to attract your life partner from a place of knowing you deserve true love, rather than attracting love from a place of desperation.

When it comes to your love life, it’s extremely important to understand what your heart truly desires. TRULY DESIRES. You have to go deep into your heart and discover what truly matters to you. Give yourself the emotional freedom to explore what you want.

And we aren’t talking about a persons height or color of their eyes. How does this person make you feel when they speak to you? Do they make you feel protected, safe, and comfortable to express your authenticity? How do you treat your spouse in this perfect relationship? Do you also make them feel safe through honest communication? Never forget a romantic relationship goes both ways.

Take your romantic desires a step deeper. The universe has been temporarily holding you back, not to make you suffer. It wants you to experience the highest version of love you can possibly achieve. It doesn’t want you to call upon a partner that will disrespect you in any way. It doesn’t want you to settle ever again in your life, especially when it comes to romance. You’re given the opportunity now to choose the type of love you want to experience in a forever partner. So what are you going to choose? What are you going to manifest during this new moon cycle?

This is a time to practice the spiritual techniques you’ve learned so far in life. It’s time to put everything to the test! Exciting! If you’ve been on the path of enlightenment for 20 years, 5 years, or even just 3 months, it doesn’t matter. We are all learning at a fast pace and have everything we need to move on to next step. Your desire to experience a genuinely divine romantic relationship will propel you into a life you never would of been able to attract with doubt in your mind.

So go and manifest the love of your life, what are you waiting for!

What is your New Moon Routine

New Moons are all about a complete reset, refresh, and restart on any goals you wish to experience in your life. What routines or rituals do you take on during this moon cycle? Share your experience with the collective in the comments below. May we all have the courage to stay on our spiritual journeys as we seek happiness in a divine, romantic relationship!

AFFIRMATION – I have all the power I need to manifest true love into my life.


You can reach me at or find me in Instagram @MeliTheRuler


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