Who Do You Want To Be – Create Yourself!

Become a Master Creator of your Reality

There was a point in my life where I had no clue who I was. I would look in the mirror and be baffled by what I saw. My inner desires, dreams, and wishes were not reflecting in my reality. In this video, I discuss the pivotal moment in my life where I decided to CREATE who I am today, and inspire you to do the same!



MeliTheRuler on Instagram

If ever you need a friend, want to talk, want to make a suggestion, or need advice, you can email me at MeliTheRuler@gmail.com. I’d love to hear your journey! I’m here as your friend to help guide you towards claiming back your title as Queen or King! Take the road that leads you to a glorious kingdom that is yours to rule. Understanding who you are will give you total control of your destiny and happiness. It is my deepest wish you finally discover and accept the Queen/King that you have always been, and take total control of your life!!!

With love, Meli The Ruler


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