Setting Intentions – 2018 Goals

Now is the perfect time to Set Your Intentions for 2018!! What are Intentions? What do they mean to me? How do I Set Intentions? To successfully achieve your goals means learning how to become aware and in control of your emotions and thoughts. In this video I’ll talk about the magical ingredient that makes your dreams into a reality. This magical ingredient is what gets the law of attraction to manifest your intentions! And guess what, It’s a lot simpler than you might think 😉

2018 is going to be an AMAZING new year, full of abundance, miracles, awakening, and unexpected true love in all of your relationships. Take advantage of this powerful time, and create some wonderful intentions/goals for yourself!


1. Recognize the situations/ relationships/ circumstances you want to change in your life

2. Write it down – thoughts come and go, be sure to anchor your thought on paper so it does’t float away into the abyss forever 😉

3. Practice daily- Close your eyes and daydream. Your emotions are the manifestation of what you feel internally. And emotions are what help to manifest external desires.

FEEL the emotions you’d be feeling if your dream circumstances were happening now in your life

4. Back each specific goal with a Positive Affirmation – this helps change your thought patterns into positive thoughts

5. If you genuinely and consistently practice the emotions you’d like to experience in your life – TRUST the universe will make your dreams into a reality.


“Calling on the Universe”

You’ll hear me reference the “Universe” all the time. This is what I refer to as my “god source”, or in other words- the energy that sparks all life. In the short time I’ve been on earth, I’ve come to realize there’s much we don’t understand. Our existence is complex and intricate to say the least, I think you can agree with that! Therefore, I open myself up to any and all help that this entire universe has to offer. I open myself to the possibility of ANY existence/energy ( energy based on pure love, and ONLY pure love) that can help me to create a life full of abundance, love, and truth.

What is “Co-Creating”?

We are co-creators of our reality. We are in partnership with god/source/universe/angels when it comes to creating our reality here on earth. Things don’t happen TO us, rather we are an integral part of all the situations and circumstances that show up in our everyday lives. It is our responsibility to learn the lessons we came to overcome, build our inner authority, and actively be a part of the experience that enter our life!

MeliTheRuler on Instagram

If ever you need a friend, want to talk, want to make a suggestion, or need advice, you can email me at I’d love to hear your journey! I’m here as your friend to help guide you towards claiming back your title as Queen or King! Take the road that leads you to a glorious kingdom that is yours to rule. Understanding who you are will give you total control of your destiny and happiness. It is my deepest wish you finally discover and accept the Queen/King that you have always been, and take total control of your life!!!

With love, Meli The Ruler


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