5 Ways Fitness Mirrors your Spiritual Journey

It’s really helpful when you can compare common characteristics from a physical situation to the unseen situation that goes on in your mind! In this video I will discuss 5 ways your fitness journey can mirror your spiritual journey. I found going to the gym really helped to relieve the internal stress I would build up as I tried to sort through my mental health and wellbeing. I quickly found out much of what was conspiring internally would show up at the gym. For example, there were times when I didn’t think I could achieve specific goals. There were also a lot of times when I was super hard on myself when I didn’t do something right.

It was through fitness I could pin point specific characteristics and behavioral patterns that just didn’t take me to my ultimate happiness. With persistence and willpower I made it through to my happiness! When you decide to make huge shifts in your life towards happiness, abundance, and clarity, sometimes you need a tangible way to make sense of it all.

Heading to the gym can help you out in big ways! I’m sure I will revisit the topic of fitness and how spirituality plays a huge role in your success. But for now, enjoy these five similarities!

1. Seems hard/impossible to Start

GYM – You think of every excuse under the sun as to why you haven’t started your fitness journey. First off, you don’t know what you’re doing. All those dumb bells and fitness equipment is beyond intimidating. Your level of anxiety and discomfort is through the roof just thinking about it!

SPIRITUALITY – You think if you start a spiritual journey of self discovery you will be extremely judged. It could seem scary to perhaps break away from your comfort zone. But there is nothing scary about seeking personal happiness.

BOTH – The fear of the unknown is temporary. It’s just the beginning, you get past this phase. You just need to use that tiny bit of desire to motivate you. Think of the final results! That firm body and that happy heart!

2. Discover your Discipline

GYM – This is one of the most important tools to staying consistent in your gym routine. It’s so easy to be lazy! But laziness doesn’t get you a big booty or a 6 pack. The more weights you lift, the stronger you become. It’s the same as you practice the skill of Discipline. The more you practice it, the better you become at it.

SPIRITUALITY – You will consistently be emotionally tested throughout the process of self discovery. This is how you grow, become wise, and reach ultimate happiness. Discipline keeps you focused on your long term goals, and helps you to have emotional strength to continue the journey.

BOTH– Some people are born this way, some people aren’t. Either way it’s a skill that you can learn and practice. It what you fall on when you don’t want to do something. It’s way too easy to be influenced by our up and down emotions. Which is why we need discipline to keep us on the path. Keeps you focused on your long term goal.

3. The journey isn’t quick or instant

GYM – After years of not exercising, you can’t expect to walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes and complete a marathon by the end of the week. It just doesn’t work that way. Results don’t come on over night. Your strength and resilience isn’t built in 3 days.

SPIRITUALITY – You can’t expect to immediately become a spiritual Master. Not only is there so much to learn about yourself, you’ll also have to practice these new findings in your everyday life. And we all know breaking habits isn’t easy! We might expect immediate results in ourselves as we become enlightened, but the process takes its time. In fact, you will be discovering yourself for an eternity. The spiritual journey is never ending!

BOTH – Each requires a level of endurance, patience, and commitment. Need inspiration on how to Enjoy The Journey? Click here

4. There are many ups and downs

GYM – Sometimes you HATE the gym. There are going to be days when you want to 100% give up on every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It’s going to happen more than one time! Don’t be too hard on yourself when you experience this aspect of training. It’s part of the process.

SPIRITUALITY – As you walk the path of enlightenment, there will be very high points and very low points. There will be moments when you’re so blissful, on a life high. And there’s also times when you go through very dark phases. Each aspect of the journey is beneficial to your long term happiness.

BOTH – As you go in and out of loving and hating the journey you discover different aspects of yourself. The ups and downs are part of the process. It’s something you can’t avoid. When you start changing your perception on the “bad” things in life and see them as boosters to the next level, it makes the process easier. These are clear indicators on what you want. You should be thankful for them.

5. Nobody can do it FOR YOU

GYM – Would it make sense to ask someone to lift weights for you? It just doesn’t work that way. In order for you to see any results in your health you have to do the hard work for yourself. It takes your physical effort to see results, that’s the only way to see progress.

SPIRITUALITY – All of the work lies within your hands. You can’t expect the world to change if the change doesn’t start within yourself. It’s easy to expect everything outside of you to change before you can do the work for yourself. But that’s not how you achieve immediate happiness. When you’re looking for things outside of you, you’ll always be unfulfilled.

BOTH – Your happiness is in YOUR hands! It doesn’t matter what has been done to you. You change your life by taking responsibility in your happiness!

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