Enjoy The Journey, You spend the most time here!

Check out my video as I explain the importance in Enjoying the Journey!


The Journey is what you make it

You’re the one who gets to choose the way your life is experienced. The power has always been in your hands, but perhaps you’ve forgotten this. Choosing to experience your journey with gratitude, joy, love, empathy, and understanding brings about bountiful abundance. These positive emotions automatically make the journey more tolerable and magical. These positive emotions puts you on a fast tract to achieving your goals. And while it’s not necessarily easy to switch your mindset, it’s not impossible.

How do you switch into a positive mindset? First you observe people and circumstances which are already practicing those emotions. As you observe, take these influences and integrate them into your daily life. As you practice being in a positive state of mind, it becomes easier.

When choosing to live your everyday life in worry, frustration, fear, confusion, despair, anger, or hate, the journey becomes LONG and tiresome. These low vibrating emotions are paralyzing you from accomplishing your goals. Living in these low emotions keeps you shackled in your own roadblocks.

Take back control of your experience, and don’t let yourself drag through life. Because at the end of the day, whether you take the long route or the short route home, you will always make it to your final destination.

You spend the most time in the “journey” phase

The journey is like building a house. Houses aren’t built in a day. You need to find a way to acquire a variety of tools, big and small, in order to create a stable shelter. Some tools could include a hammer, some nails, wood, electrical wiring…you get the point. All tools serve its purpose, are different in size and shape, but are equally important to building your home.

As you begin the process, you might not collect all the tools necessary within the first day. In fact, before you can even invest in purchasing tools, you have to write down a blueprint – a plan on what you want to accomplish. And as the project goes along, you will discover new tools, techniques, and solutions that will help in building a safe and secure home.

As you can see, there are steps and phases to building any dream. There is a particular order in which the universe helps you to accomplish your intentions. In every journey, you pick up vital tools and life lessons necessary to help you manifest your dreams.

We just want the final result

Don’t forget, the journey is a process. We get fixated on wanting the physical manifestation of what we desire. But the journey is never truly about the final result. Along the path, you pick up vital knowledge that will transform you, helping you experience a happier life. And if you think about it, once you get that one thing you really really wanted, a new journey starts. The final result, or the manifestation of your goal, is merely the gift for having successfully opened your heart to the journey.

All journeys are different

Never compare your experience with another persons! We all have different lessons to learn and overcome. While you might find similarities in your experience with others, honor your unique experience.

Problems are challenges, meant to be conquered

The problems we face in our life are merely challenges. These challenges, or roadblocks are placed along our path in order to be conquered. These obstacles are put in our path to show us our strength.

Imagine weight lifting. You would never know how heavy you can lift unless you go into the gym and try it out. And once you discover how truly powerful you are, you continue to build on that strength. What seemed difficult to lift at the beginning of the process could end up being a “warm-up” in the future.

The Delicate Balance of life

Learning to find inner peace while living in a chaotic world is the ultimate level of self mastery. This is the delicate balance in learning to activate positivity within you even when the world is in chaos. You don’t have to let external circumstances detract you from achieving your dreams!

Success doesn’t magically happen

Miracles and blessings happen everyday, all day. You can’t rely on miracles to become the person you’ve always dreamed of being. While you might be gifted with a few along your journey, it’s important to know that it takes a lot of self discipline to be your most authentic self.

Discovering your most authentic self takes a lot of hard work. Many hours, tears, and dedication is put into manifesting your best self. Those you admire have gone through a lot of self discover and self discipline to become the person they are today.

We are all one in the same. We all want to be respected as we discover who we truly are. Look at those people who inspire you, and mimic the positive characteristics they embody. If they can do it, so can you!


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