Each Dream is a Seed You Plant

A seed is a container filled with hidden treasure. In it lies an apple, a flower, a tree… an entire forest. Once it is given the opportunity to emerge from the comfort of its shell, each seed has the potential to bring color, abundance, and joy into the world. When the treasure inside a seed blossoms, the magical beauty of the world is seen.

This is a reminder your personal dreams and goals are waiting to be set in motion. Your goals are seeds resting in the palm of your hand, waiting to be planted, eager to become more. Seeds (goals) rely on you to initiate the growth process. It is up to you to choose the seeds you plant, or in other words – decide what goals you want to achieve. Until you do this, the universe will not know what to provide for you, and keep you where you’re at in life. Will you plant roses, or do you want to see almonds harvest? Luckily, we have the freedom to make any garden our heart desires! And no matter what we decide to plant, the world naturally and joyously makes it grow.

Having an intention is the first step to making your life happen. Intentions are seeds, filled with the perfect ingredients to become its fullest potential. The universe is the soil, sun, and rain, nurturing your dreams to life. And you are the farmer, who will tend to the crops as they harvest.

The farmer continually keeps an eye on their seeds, watching them grow into abundant crops. The farmer nurtures each seed within his/her capacity, making sure to cut the weeds and keep the rodents out. But the farmer does not stress about the analytical way in which a flower blooms. The farmer doesn’t tell the flower how to bloom, because the flower already knows what to do. It is up to the farmer to have faith in his/her crops, and let mother nature do the rest.

As far as dream and goals go, it’s important to remember not to get fixated on how they manifest. Often we try to take extreme control on our dreams, but there’s only so much you can do. That’s why it’s very important to trust that the universe will provide everything you need to make your dreams happen. The right people will come along the way, and the right circumstances will come knocking at your door. As long as you have a dream and are staying in alignment with what you desire, you’re doing it right. Let the Universe do the heavy lifting, while you open yourself up to receiving.

What is “staying in alignment” anyway? This means you are practicing the emotions, feelings, and thoughts associated with your particular dream BEFORE it happens in your material world. If it is your dream to be in love with a romantic partner, you must know what that feels like on an energetic level before you receive it in a physical form. Or let’s say you want to transform your body. Imagine what it would feel like if you were living life from the perspective of having already achieved your goals. This is the MAGICAL ingredient that makes dreams come into your life. Genuinely “faking it ’till you make it” is what puts your dreams on a fast track to manifesting!

So remember, you are the farmer, and everyone’s garden is different. It’s up to you to choose which seeds to plant in your garden. Because until you plant your seeds, the soil will not know what to grow for you. In fact, the soil can’t grow anything at all until a seed is planted.

Imagine your garden as infinite, never ending! There’s room out there for every single one of your desire to grow into something magical, so don’t limit yourself. And give yourself the peace of mind, knowing the Universe always provides the perfect environment for your dreams to come into form.

As good days come and go, let the ups and downs take you on a magical ride. Allow the sun to shine, and the rain to pour, as they are both necessary for your seeds to grow.

See my video on Setting Intentions


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