Action Plan – Making Intentions HAPPEN

How do you set intentions into motion? How do you stick to your goals and see them happen in your life?

Hello Sweet Souls <3. 2018 is finally here, we’ve made it! Good job for making it through the growth, expansion, and frustration of 2017. Of course, you never go through what you can’t handle, and are always rewarded for the healing and growth you commit to.

This new year is truly a magical one, as all of our hard work will finally start to pay off! The exciting energy being offered to us by the Universe is in our favor to make our dreams MANIFEST into our lives. Who’s excited!

Why now? If you look back in history and take account of all the wars, natural disasters, and discord in social circumstances, etc, you can see that things haven’t being going well for quite some time. So why does it feel like all this growth and expansion is a sudden change in events? Why change now? It’s very simple.

The entire universe depends on each and every one of us to live our lives from the perspective of love in order to bring harmony back to earth. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, we are the change we seek. In order to see true change in our world, we must start with ourselves. Universe/Source/God has been trying it’s best to purge us from our fears, insecurities, and triggers so that we can meet our most authentic self, and genuinely live from this perspective. It’s finally time to recreate the world we live in, and restore it back to its natural state of harmony.

Let’s dive deeper into this weeks video.

1. Be Honest – no more lies.

What do you TRULY want in your life?  (1st part to honesty)

Ask yourself the following question.

What are my dreams at the most pure, untainted level?

Don’t bring your mind into this, instead come from the heart. Never filter yourself when dreaming! It’s the curse of the Ego that tends to butcher the magic of our imagination into a logical experience. Often we worry about the logistics of our dreams, and question if we are even worthy of them in the first place.

It’s not your responsibility to worry about how the stars will align for you to make your dreams happen in your reality. Leave that up to Universe/Source/God, as it has the ultimate perspective on how to orchestrate it all. All you have to actually do to manifest your intentions is figuring out who you are, what you desire, and aligning with it energetically. The tangible/physical aspects of your intentions appear in your material world as soon as you internally align with what you desire.

Don’t dream the 10% version of what you want, go all the way!

What needs internal Healing?  (2nd part to honesty)

Take the steps to release yourself from that which keeps you bound from expressing your truth. Take off the mask you hid behind. Easier said than done, I understand. It’s so liberating and rewarding when you do so!

What are the parts of you that need internal healing? Be honest with yourself when uncovering your fears, triggers, or addictions. It might seem shocking at first to recognize the heavy emotions we carry around, but the shock is momentary.

Once you face your fears you will recognize how they have always been an illusion. Fear is not a tangible thing, instead something you create in your head. I’ve heard of F.E.A.R. is this – False Events Appearing Real. Conquering through your fears gives you the ultimate satisfaction and reconnects you with your true power.

2. Connect to your “most authentic self”

The truth of who you are is hidden behind the wall of fear you’ve built around you. We have all built a wall of fear, so don’t think you’re the only lucky one to do so ;). The wall of fear is usually subconsciously created in order to protect the true essence of who you are. Nobody want’s to be used and abused, so naturally the wall/armor goes up in self defense.

Think of the most authentic version of you as a genie trapped in a lamp. The “genie” is the Queen/King essence of you, and the “lamp” is the armor/or wall of fear we create. When you can heal your fears, you set your most authentic self FREE.

The most authentic version of you (Queen/King essence) holds the divine, untainted truth of who you are.

It is here where your wildest dreams and deepest desires lay. When you consciously clear the blocks, fears, or triggers from your body you then have access to the most divine version of you. I encourage you to make it a priority to conquer your fears and make space for something better. By doing so you will have the magical experience in discovering the things that satisfy you at the deepest level of your being.

3. Change existing Habits & Thought Patterns

Happiness in our external life is directly related to our internal thoughts. Therefore, if you’re out of alignment with thoughts that make you happy, you will not have pleasant experiences in life.

Your thoughts are the #1 obstacle in the way to achieving your desires.

Remember, to see change in your external life means making changes internally. Start paying close attention to the habits and thought patterns you’ve created for yourself, as they are the telling ways to recognize if you’re on the right track.

4. Be Consistent in your Commitment

To me, consistency doesn’t require a lot of energy. You don’t necessarily have to be motivated or enthusiastic to be consistent. Consistency, to me, is committing to a routine. It’s going through the mundane step-by-step task of accomplishing a goal. Regardless what emotional mood you’re in, you are at least accomplishing your goals, even with the most minimal effort. Sticking to a routine will naturally spark determination, discipline and encouragement along the way.

5. Do more research

So you’ve decided to enlighten and heal yourself…now what? I encourage you to take it upon yourself to research ways in which you can discover your most authentic self. Whatever topic has been on your mind lately, do the research! For me, I got lost in books, YouTube videos, documentaries, etc. and was on an endless hunt to discover my truth.

You have to seek the truth, as it doesn’t always come to you immediately.

The truth needs you to find it in the midst of this chaotic world. Use your discernment to decided what resonates with you. Everybody’s truth is different, so be sure to honor the voice inside of you.

6. It’s all up to You!

How easy would this life be if miracles filled our lives every step of the way. If the problems could magically disappear and your dreams could happen in an instant. Easy is definitely the life we would have, but fun…I’m not sure it would be that exciting to get everything you want instantaneously!

In order to see your intentions actually happen in your life, you have to be the one that gets the ball rolling.

It’s not always up to fate and divine miracles to magically create your desires. Part of the lesson in manifesting your dreams is knowing YOU have what it takes to change your life. You don’t need anything but your personal willpower to transmute the seemingly bad into good. All you need to do is connect to your own power, and the rest falls into place, showing up for you in perfect timing.

If you are given all the answers to the test, there’s no need for you to take the test in the first place! You never learn anything when the final answer is revealed to you too soon. So you can see, it’s not always about the final result, but the road that leads us to the finish line.

The journey can’t start until you create momentum.

There is deep soul satisfaction when you assist yourself in the healing process. A sense of accomplishment and power stirs up inside of you and activates the Queen/King truth that is you! The unseen world is always there to inspire and motivate you towards your dreams and desire, but requires you to be an active participant.

As you try to manifest your intentions, don’t forget to honor the JOURNEY. Frustration comes easily because all we want is the final result. I am the biggest culprit of this! Usually I want it, and I want it now – not a second later! As you reach the finish line, there are lessons and tools you will pick up along the way to help you in future situations.

Everything you want, you have it already!

What are you going to decide for yourself? Are you going to take charge of your life and change your experience? Get the ball rolling and discover the hidden Queen/King that already lies within you. Don’t forget to have fun manifesting your intentions, and enjoy the magic that unfold along the way! Go out and live your best life now! Enjoy the ride, you never know where it will lead you.

xoxo – Meli


*Who is “they”? In this particular video I frequently refer to they. I’m referring to angels, ascended masters, spirit guides – basically any energy that is on the other side of the veil to assist us all in our ascension journey. In other words, the unseen forces that we place our faith in. Some call on God others call on Source. Whatever you resonate with or believe in, that is who I am referring to.


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