Physically Release Anxiety – Get Rid of Tension!

What exactly is Anxiety? Through my personal growth and healing I have come to discover

Anxiety is, quite literally, trapped tension/stress in your body.

Think of the knots we usually get around our neck and shoulders. Did you know that those knots are triggering your anxiety? When we release that build up of stress through a massage, we feel as though the weight of the world has lifted, and we can finally enter into a state of relaxation and clarity. We feel good when the tension is released!

While social circumstances can trigger anxiety, it is actually the trapped physical balls of stress in your body that causes you to feel overwhelmed. Outside circumstances activate this energy within you.

Understand that you are naturally a divine soul who was created directly from pure love and light. At your most authentic state of being, you are made from pure love. When you’re holding space in your body for stress and tension to live,

the Universe will do everything to activate the stress in order for you to release it.

The universe does this so that you can get back to your most authentic, true, divine self.

The social circumstances that trigger your anxiety are truly blessings. These situations can either frustrate you (as I’m sure you have much experience with already), or you can switch up your perspective and use them as teachers to help you recognize and release the trapped energy within you. What do you choose?

Here are a few simple and easy ways to help release Anxiety, otherwise known as stress and tension, in your body! It’s important to be CONSISTENT with these stretches in order to see improvements in your health.

They key to all of these stretches is to BREATH DEEPLY! Relax! Set up an environment with candles, classical music, whatever will calm you down into a state of relaxation.

  1. Use a Foam Roller


    Using the foam roller is a simple method for stress relief. This is similar to having a masseuse work out all the kinks and knots that build up due to stress. Except you don’t have to spend as much money to get an equally relaxing massage. This roller stimulates your blood circulation, allowing space for good vibes to flow through you.



    Try different relaxing positions. You can move back and forth to release tension specifically in your hips, upper body, neck, booty, and thighs. You can simply place your body weight on top of the roller, and allow the weight of your body to activate the pressure if moving back and forth is too much pressure. Take it slow. Listen to your body and what it’s telling you to do! I encourage you to do further research on different foam roll stretches that target specific areas you’d like to release.

2. Scalp Massage (5-10 minutes)


The purpose of a scalp massage is to get the blood flowing throughout your head. When I started doing my own scalp massages, my head was so tense, I could barely last for 1 minute before getting a headache! That’s when I really recognized how much stress I was holding up there. Even though it initially was uncomfortable, my consistent efforts paid off dramatically. The subtle release you will feel is divine and magical. Not only did the tension release, but my hair also stopped shedding!



Ever get brain fog? I noticed the more I incorporated this head massage into my daily life, the less fog and more clarity I found in my mind. Your head is also known as your crown chakra. The crown chakra is your connection to our divine creator, and the mystery of the universe. I encourage you to do research Chakras in detail!

3. Lacrosse Ball


If the foam roller is too soft for you (not enough pressure to get out the kinks) resort to a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. This can be painful if you haven’t tried it before, so be careful! I love the lacrosse ball, because it really gives you a deep tissue massage.



Before moving back and forth on the lacrosse ball, I recommend you find a spot of tension and lay your body weight in this area. You will still feel the release without moving back and forth, I promise! If moving back and forth on the tense spot is too much for you to handle, do not push yourself.  Be sure to always listen to your body!

4. Stretch your body


Never underestimate the power in stretching! Stress makes your body tight, constricted, and makes it hard for life to flow through you. Stretching quite literally puts fresh space in your body.  Stretching releases those blocks of stress hidden deep in your tissues and muscles.


Doing simple stretches like touching your toes is enough. You don’t need any special equipment or bands to get the job done. Be sure to take very slow deep breaths as you stretch. Hold each stretch for at least 1 minute. The longer you hold a stretch, the better results you will see.

I stretch most when working out at the gym (which I’m at 5 days a week). Typically I stretch for 10 minutes before a workout and 20 minutes after a workout in order to prevent stiffness and soreness. I share this to show you how consistent you should be with your stretching.

5. Breath Deeply


Why is this so important? Ask yourself this – What keeps me alive? The answer to that question – The air you breath! It doesn’t matter what you believe in from a spiritual aspect, the fundamental truth is we all need air to stay alive.

Deep Breath 2-min

In other words, our air is a tangible representation of our Life Force. When you allow this air to fill up the space in your body, you’re allowing the goodness of the universe to heal you. To me, air is a mystery within itself. How is it a mixture of a few gasses determines whether we stay alive?

Simply put,

Think of air as an invisible force of love

that keeps you alive and is there to heal the deepest of your wounds.

Teach yourself to Relax and Enjoy Life!

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We have ALL experienced anxiety. Some more severe than others. The level we experience anxiety doesn’t undermine the ways it affects our everyday lives individually. To relieve yourself from anxiety,

Get out of your head and work on your physical body.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, one way to access and heal your internal struggles is by working with your physical body. Staying in your head can keep you in a continual state of confusion & frustration – don’t let yourself get caught in that for too long! Let the frustration inspire you to find methods of relief.

I encourage you to take less self pity and more action.

I say this to you because at one point in my life, I was the QUEEN of self pity. But soon I recognized I didn’t want to be a Queen of anything other than my most authentic self. Feeling bad for myself was not a badge of honor I wanted to carry around anymore.

The sooner you recognize how divine you are, the sooner you will discover how amazing life truly is! Go out and start living your best life NOW! What ya waiting for?



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